Ten top reasons to advertise

People advertise for lots of different reasons. Some companies know that as soon as they start advertising, they get enquires. Others like to provide information to their target market about the range of services they provide.

After all, unless you advertise, how would anyone know what you do? And some businesses like to advertise all year round to keep their profile raised in the area, so that when people do need their service, they think of that company first. Here’s a list of reasons why people advertise:

1. It makes money. Advertising works – it attracts customers to your business and increases your sales.

2. Advertising keeps your customers up to date – with new products, services, events, or special offers.

3. It keeps your business at the top of peoples’ minds. There are so many options available to customers, that advertising will help your business stand out.
4. Advertising produces continuous business. Not everyone will need your product or service today, but they might need it next month or next year.

5. It helps you compete. Use advertising to convince customers that you’re the supplier to choose.
6. Advertising encourages repeat business. It reminds people you are around, and why they should continue to choose you.
7. Advertising attracts new customers. Life constantly changes, so make sure people know all about your services for when their circumstances, or the market, changes.
8. It gives your company a positive image. A well-designed ad with good quality images will convey a reputable company with a professional approach.
9. Advertising increases traffic. People are more likely to visit a business – online or offline - after viewing an ad.

10. It generates brand loyalty and lets you form a connection with your customer.

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